Friday, January 11, 2013

Great book to start New Year

PlainsongPlainsong by Kent Haruf
In Plainsong the writer introduces us to an unlikely group of characters.We find Mr. Guthrie a lonely high school teacher, a pair of boys abandoned by their Mother, a pregnant teenage girl asked to leave her home, and a boyfriend who decides to just leave his pregnant girlfriend behind on her own. And to this mix of characters add two crusty old brothers who have always lived alone minding their business and staying out of every body else's. The author's ability to bring these people together in a story of grace and wisdom and a chorus of voices that find their way into the reader's heart, coupled with the readers ability to connect makes for an unforgettable story. A story we'd like to have more of. I will check this author's other books out for sure. Great way to start a new year!

5 stars

til next book,

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  1. oh that sounds sweet! I have to take a break after a really good book of characters just because I am sad to say bye to them.. You are great at writing reviews!